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The Opportunity

Recognition is a premium domain name. Dominate the Loan market with the category defining domain, establishing instant recognition with your customers. Easy to remember and easy to spell.

Trust &
Authority gives visitors an immediate feeling of trust and authority. With a premium domain visitors will immediately know what your business offers increasing engagement.


Search engine rankings can be influenced positively with a premium domain driving visitor traffic and rankings through increased click through rates and stronger link acquistion.


With strong brand recognition, trust and authority, generate more enquires, leads and sales.
Grow your business today with increased engagement and reach. 

The Value Proposition

One of the most pertinent issues business owners face when establishing an online presence is how to direct customer interest to their website and translate that into revenue.

Often, this includes sales and marketing tactics like direct mail, lead generation and online campaigns to drive awareness.

Some savvy business owners also invest in search engine optimisation and marketing techniques to increase the number of leads they receive from Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

An area businesses regularly overlook is their humble domain name.

A domain name is the business asset that underpins your entire online identity and it acts as a digital lighthouse to illuminate your web presence. A premium domain name can be a cost-effective and highly successful method for increasing customer engagement to ultimately improve your bottom line.

When it comes to effective domain names, there is no better option than premium generic domains.

What is a premium domain name?

A premium generic domain name is a short, memorable, descriptive and commercially-oriented domain related to the market vertical or industry sector of your business.
Given their intuitive nature, premium domain names are seen as the most authoritative and trusted online providers in their sectors. 
Consumers are drawn to these websites over others and the domain name actually helps to drive in traffic. In a virtual sense it’s a bit like having the best prime retail location, rather than being located on a backstreet in a non-commercial area.
Premium generic NZ domains names stand out from the crowd.

Premium domain case study

There are many case studies highlighting the benefits of acquiring a premium domain name.
One example is that of a Car Loan business, who were turning over $60 million with business name of 

After purchasing the business saw an immediate increase in website traffic and customers, a decrease in marketing spend, a 40% reduction in ad word spend, and overall business growth of 60% with turnover exceeding $100 million p.a.

Shaun McGowan who purchased is quoted as saying:

“We have not done anything different, we’ve only changed our domain name and that has seen this huge growth for our business.
Our business is not unique and we have many competitors. In this marketplace, you need a competitive advantage. While deep pockets to generate awareness is an advantage, so too is having the best domain name. We don’t have to tell people what we’re doing – people know to go to to get a car loan. Our marketing budget has significantly reduced because we don’t have to educate consumers. The education is already done in those eight letters – that’s the power of a domain name.
With, consumers think they’ve seen us before even if they haven’t interacted with the business previously. People just assume they know us because we’re seen as the biggest and best.
There is a natural assumption the biggest and oldest companies have the premium generic domain names. In terms of the domain name investment, the name paid itself back within four months.
Ultimately, having the biggest and best exact-match premium generic domain name in our industry is what’s going to count at the end of the day.
The exact-match domain name is exactly what it is; it’s powerful, it’s credible and consumers believe it. It gives you instant recognition."

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When both parties agree on the sale price, the domain is sold through provides a safe, secure and timely mechanism to manage the domain transfer process.

The sale process involves the following steps:

  1. An transaction is created which both parties electronically acknowledge.
  2. The purchaser makes payment to, which is held in Escrow.
  3. The seller initiates the domain transfer to the purchaser, providing simple instructions to follow.
  4. The purchaser acknowledges receipt of the domain into their registrar account and control of the domain name.
  5. release the funds to the seller. - More Information ENQUIRE TODAY

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